Down with the dog, up with the FROG!

When we meme, we moon…

daddy pepe original

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the arrival of Daddy Pepe – the head honcho of the Pepe family who’s here to snatch his rightful throne in the crypto world! Get ready to feast your eyes on our whopping 20 billion dollar market cap, a glorious Binance listing, and yes, you heard it right, FREE LAMBOS for everyone! (disclaimer: this isn’t true)

Say hello to Daddy Pepe, the freshest crypto sensation in town! Our coin is the perfect marriage of finance and fun, all thanks to the legendary Pepe the Frog meme that inspires us. Our mission is to inject some liveliness and excitement into the world of digital assets.

At Daddy Pepe, we don’t bore you with talk about intrinsic value – we prefer to keep things light and entertaining. Instead, we focus on providing a fun and engaging experience for our community. that’s crazy about the Pepe meme. Our one goal is to rule the meme universe with our Pepe-inspired crypto!

Contract Renounced

Fully audited, no sneaky backdoors, no ownership, and no bullshit. A true crypto meme token for the community.

0% taxes

No marketing wallets that can get stolen, no teams spending money where they shouldn’t. Just a straight up 0%.

No Team Tokens

Have we mentioned… it’s community owned! That means no formal team and definitely no team tokens.


“We are planning to launch a set of 10,000 exclusive NFTs featuring our beloved Daddy Pepe. This digital art collection has been designed by an exclusive NFT artist and will be made available to the community. However, there is a catch – the NFTs will only be launched if $DAPEPE hits a market cap of 100 million!  So, not only will these NFTs be exclusive, it’s down to the power of the community to determine if these Daddy Pepe exclusive NFTs make it mainstream! LFG!

What's in the Roadmap?

DaddyPepe is 100% community owned and driven. There is no formal team but there is a huge a community that is willing to put the Daddy of the Frogs in front of the biggest audiences.

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